Tuesday, July 19, 2016


SOUTHPORT, England, United Kingdom - Rohit Khandelwal (26; 1.82m; Hyderabad, INDIA) won the Mister World 2016 title at the Southport Theater and Convention Center in Southport, England, United Kingdom on July 19. The first runner-up was Fernando Alberto Alvaréz Soto (Puerto Rico) and the second runner-up was Aldo Esparza Ramírez (Mexico). Christopher Bramell (England) and Kevin Oduor Owiti (Kenya) completed the top five finalists.
Lucas Montandon (Brazil), Chang Zhousheng (China), David Arias (El Salvador), Rafał Jonkisz (Poland) and Tristan Cameron Harper (Scotland) were the top 10 semi-finalists. 
Rafał Jonkisz (Poland) won the talent challenge. Chang Zhousheng (China) won the style and fashion challenge. Rohit Khandelwal (India) won the multimedia challenge. Tristan Cameron Harper (Scotland) won the extreme sports challenge and Christopher Bramell (England) won the sports challenge. They all were fast tracked to the semi-finals after winning their respective challenges. 46 contestants competed for the title.

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