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Meet Nicklas Pedersen, Mister World Denmark 2014

Nicklas Pedersen, from Denmark, has the mind of a great adventurer. For the past 18 months, he has been traveling by himself where his adventures have helped him to get to know himself while acquiring maturity and satisfying his desire of getting to know other cultures. His current adventure will lead him to Torbay, England where he will represent his country at the Mister World 2014 finals next June. Nicklas is a carpenter and model who enjoys swimming and soccer. He is 23 years old and stands 1.81m. It's time to get to know this accomplished young man through an exclusive interview with The Times of Beauty.

1. Describe yourself now and describe how you see yourself in the future
I see myself as a young man having the best time of my life. At the age of 21, after I finished my apprenticeship as I carpenter, I quit my job. I have always had a dream of traveling Australia. One day I booked my ticket, quit my job and left. That is now over two years ago and turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. I have seen and been to the most amazing places and meet people I will never forget. I see life as a gift and you only get one shot of making the best of it. I am very adventurous and love to travel. I am now living in Melbourne and could easily see myself stay here. I still dream about traveling to South America and the United States, which is definitely on the cards within the next couple of years. Since I am a carpenter, I would love to one day build my own house. Career-wise I hope that being Mr. World Denmark 2014 opens up some doors and opportunities. I would love to do more work as a model and would be up for whatever challenge life might throw at me.

2. Who is your greatest inspiration? How that person has influenced your life?
I would have to say my mum. Unfortunately my dad died when I was 2 years old so I have never really had a father figure in my life. She raised me with a lot of love and taught me that life isn’t about materialistic things or money. She is the reason why I, at the age of 21, could chase my dreams and let nothing stand in my way. She always said that I should do whatever makes me happy. Life can be short and if you don’t step up and enjoy it, you might miss it. I have a very close friendship with my mum and speak with her as much as possible now that I am living abroad.

3. Describe your daily routine. Any workout/health/nutrition tips?
I have always loved sports and being active. I have played football/soccer since I was a kid and still do. I love to keep fit and usually go to the gym 3-4 times a week. After being crowned as Mr. World Denmark 2014, I have stepped it up even further. Every day after work I either go to the gym or go for a swim. I make sure to mix it up so it doesn’t tire me out mentally. I make sure to eat right with lots of red meat, fish and vegetables. To keep a good physique isn’t just about working out. Half of it is sticking to a healthy diet and cut out of the unnecessary sweets. A good thing I have started to do is adding avocado and nuts to my daily food. It contains a lot of good fats and acids. Also half a grapefruit a day and a cup of green tea can help boost your metabolism.

4. If you were granted 3 wishes for your country, what would you ask for?
- I would say harder sentences for criminal actions like rape, pedophilia and murder.
- Another one would be no racism.
- The last one would have to be to remain free health care to keep a healthy population

5. If you could travel back in time, where in time would you travel back too? What would you change, if anything?
Let’s say it was possible. I would travel back and “prevent” the massive earthquake near Sumatra that happened in 2004. It created the biggest tsunami ever seen in current time and killed more than a quarter of a million people in more than 14 countries. It was one of the deadliest natural disasters ever recorded in history. If people had been warned and prepared, many lives could have been saved.

6. What great human accomplishment would you like to see in your lifetime?
I would love to see someone coming up with a cure for cancer. We have all lost or know someone who has lost someone to cancer. It’s a cruel disease and often takes away loved ones way too early in life.

7. Describe the essence of Denmark in one sentence.
A little nation with the happiest people in the world.

8. What 3 essential qualities you feel a man should have?
Honesty, respect and integrity.

9. What has changed in your life after getting the Mister World Denmark title?
It is still very early. We are still months away from the big competition so I think it is still too early to say. If you asked me 6 months from now or after the competition, I hope that my answer will be very different. I hope I am going to do well and hopefully it will open some doors for me. I feel I am ready to take the next big step in my life and I am excited to see what is going to happen.

10. If you would be given a chance to be a leader, what do you think is the best project? How would you make a difference?
I see myself as quite the optimist. I have been told that I am always happy and have a good attitude. I think I would have to deal with people who have been through a rough time in their life, people who have dealt and conquered major issues/problems and who now are looking for some encouragement and will to keep going. Whether it might have been drugs, loss of a relative or from being sick, I think I could inspire people and make them realize that there will always be a way forward and it is worth fighting for. Sometimes life knocks you down but all you can do is pick yourself up and keep moving.

and finally...
Personal Motto: The world is your oyster
Personal Goal: To obtain a successful career along with an amazing personal life
Personal Dream Destination: The Maldives or Bora Bora
Favorite Food: Gambas al ajillo
Favorite Song: Nelly- Ride with me
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Movie: Troy
Favorite Book: The Brothers Lionheart
Favorite Band or Singer: Justin Timberlake
Favorite Actor or Actress: Leonardo DiCaprio and Scarlett Johansson
Favorite Hobby: Traveling
Favorite Sport: Soccer/football

 THE TIMES OF BEAUTY would like to thank LISA LENTS, national director of Miss World and Mister World in Denmark, for facilitating this interview and providing the photos, and to NICKLAS PEDERSEN, Mr. World Denmark 2014.

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