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MONTENEGRO | 2012 Meet the Misses e.34 - Miss World Montenegro 2012

Montenegro, the pearl of the Mediterranean, is situated in the south of the Adriatic Sea. The 14,000 square kilometer nation includes natural wealth, beauty, mild beaches, clear lakes, fast rivers and gorgeous mountains. The country is part of the Balkans, near Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Albania. It has a population of 670,000. The history of Montenegro dates back to 9th century with the emergence of Duklja, a vassal state of the Byzantine Empire. In 1042, at the end of his 25-year rule, King Vojislav won a decisive battle near Bar against Byzantium, and Duklja became independent. From the 11th century, it started to be referred to as Zeta. Years later Zeta was more often referred to as Crna Gora or by the Venetian term monte negro. Montenegro saw its independence from the Ottoman Empire formally recognized in 1878. From 1918, it was a part of various incarnations of Yugoslavia and on the basis of a referendum held on 2006, Montenegro declared independence that year. Montenegro feature a large Karst region and a mountainous area that includes some of the most rugged terrain in Europe, averaging more than 2,000 meters in elevation. Montenegro is a very popular destination in Europe because of its rich architectural and cultural heritage, diversity of landscapes and climates, and well preserved natural environment. The North Coast of Montenegro feature 72km of beaches and has very well-preserved old towns such as Kotor, Perast and Budva. The Southern Coast feature ancient fortress-cities including Ulcinj and Bar. The nation debuted in Miss World 2006 just months after getting their independence. This year Nikolina Lončar, Miss World Montenegro 2012, will represent her nation in Ordos.

The Times of Beauty proudly presents Nikolina Lončar, Miss World Montenegro 2012, in an exclusive interview for our interview series, Meet the Misses.

1. Give us an introduction of yourself, your country and your hometown.
My name is Nikolina Lončar and I`m 19 years old. I am a student of Political Science, University of Montenegro.
First of all I would like to say that it is an honor to me to represent my country Montenegro on the 62-nd Miss World competition. I will do my best to represent my country on the best way I can and make my country proud of me.
My country, Montenegro (meaning Black Mountain) is situated in Southeastern Europe. Montenegro, the pearl of Mediterranean is unique in many ways. Nowhere else you can find so much natural wealth, beauty, mild beaches, clear lakes, fast rivers, national parks, monuments and gorges mountains in such a compact area as in Montenegro. In the morning you can wake up along the beautiful Adriatic coast, have lunch on the banks of Skadar lake and enjoy an evening walk in the Montenegrin mountains.
Montenegro cannot leave you indifferent. Not only an excellent choice for holidays, Montenegro has many other remarkable characteristics: history, culture, tradition, good weather conditions, clean air, beautiful nature, blue Adriatic sea... Everyone should visit Montenegro. Despite its small size, Montenegro offers great diversity and abundant natural beauty. I can only say: Don`t forget to take your camera to capture the dream-like grandeur of every view in Montenegro.
I grew up in Pljevlja, small town situated in north of Montenegro. Pljevlja is one of the main economic engines of Montenegro. The only thermal power plant in Montenegro is situated outside Pljevlja. The richest municipality with forest in Montenegro is Pljevlja and its lumber industry. Agriculture is wide spread in the whole municipality. Pljevlja`s cheese considered a delicacy.
The most famous historical, cultural and architectural sights in Pljevlja are: The Holy Trinity Monastery, Hussein-Pasha Mosque, the church of St. Petka, monument "Strazica" and archeological site Municipium`s.

2.    What are your plans for the future?
First of all I will study very hard to finish University, then my plan is become a successful diplomat or representative in a political party, which will make me in 5 or 10 years a president of my country :) and of course to become proud mother and women who doesn`t depend from anybody.

3.    What are you most proud of?
I was the best pupil in my generation in primary and also in secondary school. In primary school I won prize in competition against drug abuse. During secondary school I was working at home for elderly people. I helped seriously ill elderly people who needed it. Also, I was a volunteer in an organization called "The day of hope" that helps children with disabilities. It was really amazing experience for me. These are my proudest moments.
But, I would like also to say that I`m very proud of my little brother, my big support, protection and love. He is a future football player and I` very proud of him. He is the only one in the world who can make me angry and absolutely happy in one hour.

4.    Which activities make you lose track of time?
Time is such a precious commodity in today’s society as everyone is constantly trying to fit more activities into one day than one should probably fit into a week. However time is a constant factor in our lives, we need to be on time for meetings, on time for lectures, on time for meeting deadlines, on time for your dental appointment, on time for your flights (I'm always on time if I'm going on holiday), basically our lives for the most part are ruled by time. Thus I embrace the times when I'm not rushing around checking my watch every five minutes making sure I'm on time, I thrive on not having to wear a watch on the weekends or on holiday as I know I don't have to keep track of time. Being able to have time to just be, to relax and do what you want to do and not within a specific time frame is essential for one's soul to be happy.
There are a number of activities which make me lose track of time which I thoroughly enjoy:
Shopping- I can shop for hours, browsing in and out of stores, trying on clothes, shoes and accessories. I can enter a shopping center at 10am and leave when it closes and not realize that I have spent an entire day shopping as retail therapy certainly is therapy for me.
Social media and spending time on the internet are the same therapy for me. There is always something new to learn about, there's so much information available that spending time on the net can most certainly make you lose track of time and a lot of other things.
Time really can dominate our lives, however it’s up to you to make sure that it does not and that you allow yourself to lose track of time every now and again. It`s good to have order in your life but it is not completely healthy to treat your entire life as a master schedule, fun is at its best when it is spontaneous. So yes, it is good to plan things but leave some things in life up to chance.

5. If somebody was describing your personality what would they say?
If somebody was describing my personality they would certainly say that I`m very ambitious, reliable, communicative and hard-working person. Also, I am very positive and a good friend. But, there is always "but" :), very stubborn. I always say: if I could change one thing about me it would be to make myself less stubborn.

6.    What is something you know you do differently than the most other people?
Every person is unique by itself. I can say that there is one thing that makes me different from other people that I know. It is my way of my time management. Although I don't have a lot of spare time, I 'm better at organizing my time when I have so much work to do. I think that I'm working better under the deadline pressure.

7.    Have you done anything memorable lately?
Yes I did, and it is a story of how I made a fire. Three weeks ago, the power was out, but I decided I really wanted to take a shower. Being 2pm, the clever thing to do here was just keep the door open, and let the light shine in and the wise thing was to maybe just wait. I'm seldom clever and never wise. I decided that I would simply light a candle in the bathroom. The only problem was, I had no match. "What's the big deal? I mean, primitive man could do it, I'm SURE I could do it too," I thought. If only I knew what was coming. I tried the obvious spin a stick outside on some grass, first. I'm sure its standard boy-scout procedure...but I gave up that one pretty fast after getting a splinter on the first twig I tried. Next, I remembered this cool My Thrusters episode where they focused sunlight with a magnifying glass to start fire. So, I pulled out a flashlight from the closet, and focused it on some napkins. No luck...Maybe I should try toilet paper-that seems pretty dry?...No luck. Maybe, I should try some oil on the paper, more energy or something. Nope...Oh, maybe motor oil? Nope. Oh I know, if I rip up this toilet paper, I'll have a lot of frayed edges and a lot of easily-flammable fibers, THAT'S GOTTA WOR...Nope. At this point, it had been close to an hour, and I decided "Alright, time for the big guns." I searched for a battery, standard AA size and some wires. I connected up the wires to each end, and then connected them together on a piece of toilet paper. Waiting...waiting. What is this...this battery is REALLY REALLY hot! My battery was going to EXPLODE in my hand! What do I do? Give up? Never. I taped an ice cube to the battery. I repeat same drill, and once again, I see smoke...and then...I get zapped. And then again, and again. So apparently, ice melts into water. And apparently, water conducts electricity. How could I have known? At this point, it's closer to the two hour mark...and I just left the door open as I showered. Then, I went to 7-11 which was about a 2 minute walk away and picked up a lighter. I got fire pretty soon after that. Much later, I told this story to my sister. She asked me, "Why didn't you just use the flashlight in the bathroom?" :)

8.    Which is worse, failing or never trying? Why?
Never trying. Because, there is no success without an effort, without learning, strength, listening to advices, tears and sometimes giving up many things. But when you reach the top you will enjoy it because you did your best and I know that only you and your hard work brought you there. No one can ever take you that feeling, it lasts forever.
And even if you don’t reach the top, even if you make a mistake, or fall down perhaps, it will just make you stronger. You have to be yourself, and believe in yourself. It is the main key of success.

9.    If you could teach anyone anything, what would that be?
I grew up in a very tolerant family where there is no word of prejudice, intolerance and mistrust. My parents instilled me moral values since I was little, helped me to become good person who loves herself and admire others, a person who is always ready to help. They taught me how to appreciate things which other people do for me, how to be satisfied with life and to not envy to anyone. I would like to pass it on my children and to teach them life and moral values the same way as my parents taught me.

10.    How do you define beauty? How will you prepare for Miss World to achieve your vision of beauty?
Beauty is something that is pleasing to the eyes, the senses, the soul. Something is beautiful if it touches you in a way that will make you smile, sigh, laugh or even weep. Beauty is only partly skin deep because the real essence of beauty comes from within. And of course, a great saying: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". It is a subjective concept. The individual understanding of this notion develops in some entity being in balance and harmony with nature, which leads to the feeling of admiration and emotional well-being, but this entity is not alike for different people. That is my vision of beauty.
Beauty pageants are very special to me in many ways. Why? Pageants taught me how to behave in public, how to express my inner beauty, how to cherish outside beauty, how to compete with elegance and to upgrade myself as a person every day.
And I`m very happy to know that Miss World competition will bring me new experiences, new opportunity to meet different culture and people, new challenges, learn a lot...
But if you want to be beautiful, first of all you have to work on yourself, you must nurture yourself and that includes: skin care, hair care, body care, nails care, exercises and that is most important-proper nutrition.
Those are things that i do every day, and they make me feel happy, contented and relaxed. That`s one of the ways how I prepare for the Miss World pageant.

11.    Share a message to your supporters and readers of the Times of Beauty.
I want to thank you all on your unconditional support.
Be always positive, be you, be persistent, fight hard and you will certainly succeed in achieving your goals.

and finally...
Personal Motto:  My motto has always been: Per Aspera ad Astra. It is a Latin saying for: Every road to the stars is covered with thorns "It represents my life path in many ways and i can freely say - every right path.
Favorite Food:  Fish and vegetables.
Favorite Color:  White
Favorite Song:  It would be so unfair towards music if I chose one. :)
Favorite Movie:  Titanic
Favorite Book:  Crime and punishment by Fydor Dostoevsky
Favorite Singer/Band:  Robbie Williams/Coldplay
Favorite Actor/Actress:  Monica Belluchi/Rowan Atkinson

Vesna Jugovic, National Director of Miss World in Montenegro, Director of Miss Yu Company
Milka Kuran, Miss Yu Company Assistant
Nikolina LončarMiss World Montenegro 2012

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