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GUADELOUPE | 2012 Meet the Misses e.17 - Miss Monde Guadeloupe 2012

Guadeloupe is located in the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles. It is an overseas department of France and therefore part of the European Union. Despite its political relation with France, Guadeloupe has a distinct culture and traditions defined by an unique blend of French, Amerindian and African influences. Guadeloupe consists of two main islands, Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre, which are divided by a narrow channel called Salt River. The islands of La Désirade, Les Saintes and Marie-Galante come under jurisdiction of Guadeloupe. Basse-Terre is volcanic and very mountainous, while Grande-Terre features rolling hills and flat plains. Guadeloupe culture is widely known because of its literary achievements prolonged today by writers, poets and novelists. Also culturally important are the arts, particularly sculpting and painting. The Caribbean archipelago debuted in Miss World back in 2003. This year, Brigitte Ramassamy Golabkan, Miss Monde Guadeloupe 2012, will represent Guadeloupe in Ordos.

The Times of Beauty proudly presents Brigitte Ramassamy Golabkan, Miss Monde Guadeloupe 2012, in an exclusive interview for our interview series, Meet the Misses.

1.    Give us an introduction of yourself, your country and your hometown.
Hello, I am Brigitte Golabkan. I’m 19 years old. I am in my first year studying law. I would like to become a lawyer or journalist. I am a Guadeloupean of Indian descent. I have two younger sisters and a younger brother. I come from Guadeloupe, a small island situated in the Caribbean Sea. Guadeloupe’s history is very rich. It is above all a melting pot because our population is a mix of European, African and Asian cultures. Guadeloupe is industrialized but nevertheless the island keeps her natural wonders due to its beaches, rivers and vegetation. Le Moule which is my hometown attracts many tourists. We can practice all kinds of water sports there. Le Moule is a coastal town but it also extends to our countryside.

2.    What are your plans for the future?
I intend to go as farthest as possible with my studies to become a lawyer or a journalist because they are two professions that I admire and are what I really want to become. I would also like to have a career in the fashion industry.

3.    What are you most proud of?
I am proud of me being a beauty queen because I’ve learned a lot and I’ve changed. I’ve acquired a lot of maturity. This honor allows me today to represent Guadeloupe at the election of Miss World and for me this something that I feel proud of.

4.    Which activities make you lose track of time?

When I play the piano, when I dance and when I read. I also lose track of time when I go jogging, go to the cinema or spend time with the people I love.

5.    If somebody was describing your personality what would they say?
I asked my circle of acquaintances and the first thing they said to me is that I am a girl with a strong character. I am very determined and I finish everything that I begin. They also tell me that I am very kind, simple and very generous. I have a family feeling. I am very ambitious.

6.    What is something you know you do differently than the most other people?

A thing which I am sure that I make in my own way is cooking. I like cooking and reinvent dishes by using spices. I don’t dance as everybody, I have my own style. I play the piano without having to take music lessons.

7.    Have you done anything memorable lately?
I think that the most memorable moment was the day of my coronation as Miss Monde Guadeloupe. The feelings that I experienced along with the feelings of my family, organizers and public were very intense. After winning the title, I had the opportunity to be able to swim with dolphins and it was an unforgettable moment because I love these mammals.

8.    Which is worse, failing or never trying? Why?
For me the worst it is to never try because as they say "nothing ventured, nothing gained". And that is true. When we fail, we have to try and realize something and learn from it. If we stay and never try, we make nothing and we shall never move forward.

9.    If you could teach anyone anything, what would that be?

If I had to teach something, I would teach about how unfair the disparity in the world between the poor and rich is. Most of us are lucky to be able to eat, to have a roof to live, to go to the school, and find our own self-realization as human beings whereas there are the others who fight hard every day to have find food or water for their child in detrimental situations. If you have the opportunity to help these people do not hesitate because everyone deserves a chance and a fair pursuit of happiness.

10.    How do you define beauty? How will you prepare for Miss World to achieve your vision of beauty?
 Beauty has multiple definitions.
There’s the physical part that changes among cultures. We can be big, slender, tall or short, with curves or the opposite. For me, physical beauty is a synonym of refinement, elegance and simplicity.
It is also internal. Inner beauty is defined by the intelligence but also by the expression of feelings such as love, generosity and so many others.
To achieve my vision of beauty, I have trainings to improve my image, improve my physique and fitness qualities, and I take speech lessons. I am growing as a human being by participating in humanitarian, cultural or others events that allow me to help the population but also share knowledge. The preparation is very intense but it is very favorable. I like to prepare myself because my responsibility and discipline improves every single day.

11.    Share a message to your supporters and readers of The Times of Beauty. 
Hello everybody. Thank you for your support! It is always great to know that there are persons outside my island Guadeloupe who encourage me and urge me to move forward. I’m sure Miss World will be a great experience, full of emotions and rich in events. Thank you for following the progress of the competition and thank you for your encouragement. I hope that I can meet your expectations. Kisses!

and finally...
Personal Motto:  The future belongs to those who get up early. Put all your effort to succeed and reach your objectives without forgetting to enjoy life.
Favorite Food: I love kinds of cuisines. I like Japanese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Caribbean, French, etc…
Favorite Color: I don’t really have a favorite color because I like when there are explosions of colors. Red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, pink…
Favorite Song: I don’t have favorite song because I like a great deal of songs, considered in the same scale. I like simply the music I could not live without it.
Favorite Movie: Avatar by James Cameron and 2012 by  Roland Emmerich
Favorite Book:  Fin de Partie by Samuel Beckett and l’Odyssée d’Homère.
Favorite Singer/Band: I have a lot of favorite singers like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Amel Bent …

Georges Nandan
, National Director of Miss World in Guadeloupe
Brigitte Ramassamy Golabkhan
, Miss Monde Guadeloupe 2012

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