Sunday, January 29, 2012

Miss Suomi 2012

Miss Suomi 2012
HÄMEENLINNA, Finland - Sara Chafak (21, 1.72m, Helsinki) was crowned Miss Suomi 2012 at the Vanajanlinna Castle located in the town of Hämeenlinna in southern Finland. She will represent Finland in Miss Universe 2012. Sabina Särkkä (23, 1.78m, Helsinki) finished as the first runner-up and is expected to represent Finland in Miss World 2012 in Ordos, Inner Mongolia on August 18. Viivi Suominen finished in third place and will go to Miss International 2012.

 Sara Chafak, Miss Suomi 2012, will compete in Miss Universe 2012

Sabina Särkkä, first runner-up, will compete in Miss World 2012

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