Sunday, November 27, 2011

Miss España 2011

 Miss España 2011
SEVILLE, Spain - Andrea Huisgen Serrano (20, 1.81m, Barcelona) was crowned Miss España 2011 (Miss Spain 2011) at the Palacio de los Sueños in Seville. Aránzazu Estévez Godoy (22, 1.81m, Santa María de Guía) finished as the first runner-up or Primera Dama de Honor and is expected to represent Spain in Miss World 2012 in Ordos, Inner Mongolia next August. Ana Crespo Martínez was the second runner-up and will compete in Miss International 2012. Ainhoa García Roca, Lidia de Sousa Muñoz and Belinda Gutiérrez Tobe completed the Top Six.

 Miss Spain 2011, Andrea Huisgen Serrano

 First runner-up, Aránzazu Estévez Godoy is expected to compete in Miss World 2012

Second runner-up, Ana Crespo Martínez is expected to compete in Miss International 2012

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