Saturday, October 22, 2011

Visa problems affecting Miss World contestants

After the British Embassy did not approve a visa for entering the United Kingdom for Ethiopia's Melkam Michael Endale, she officially withdrew from the 2011 Miss World competition. The entry to the United Kingdom and the United States can be a difficult process in several countries due to the fact that several young woman have not returned to their countries. Endale will compete in Miss World 2012. We thank national director Gadol Wilson for sending us the information.
She is not the only one. Miss Guyana World 2011, Arti Angelita Cameron, is still to receive her visa. Cameron had applied online immediately after receiving the required sponsorship letter from the Miss World Organization and subsequently supplied her biometric information, but she has to wait for a response from the British Embassy. All sides involved continue to do everything in their power to have Cameron represent Guyana at Miss World 2011. Contact has been made with the Guyana Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Guyana Consulate in the USA for assistance in resolving the situation. In case she does not get approval, she will be competing in Miss World 2012.

Miss World South Sudan 2011, Atong Demach is in Nairobi, Kenya also waiting her visa to be approved in order to get entry to the United Kingdom. The South Sudanese government is collaborating in the process.

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