Monday, October 24, 2011

More visa problems...

Visa problems with Miss Cabo Verde, Tirzah Évora. The director of Miss Cabo Verde initiated contacts with the embassy of Cape Verde in Dakar, but was informed that the candidate would have to move and stay 15 days in the capital of Ghana, a country where Britain has diplomatic representation. Neither the organization nor the candidate had or have availability and money to spend two weeks in Accra. The Cape Verde Embassy in Dakar was requested to expedite the process to no avail. Miss Cape Verde tried to travel to Dakar, but the ambassador said that was a waste of time, since only in Ghana there is a diplomatic representation in England. Due to the situation, Tirzah will be sent to Miss World 2012.

Edmilza dos Santos will not arrive to London because of visa problems. This is the second time Angola misses the pageant since its debut in 1998.

Besides Cape Verde and Angola, there are no signs of the contestants from Armenia, Lesotho, Suriname and Zambia in London. Guyana and South Sudan as mentioned in a previous article, do not have visa for the United Kingdom. If none of these contestants arrive, 113 contestants would compete in Miss World 2011 and the 2010 record would not be broken.

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