Monday, October 31, 2011

The Times of Beauty "Fun Fast-Track Scorecard" for Miss World 2011

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For the second year, The Times of Beauty created a scorecard to have an idea of how the contestants are doing in the fast-tracks. The points were assigned under our own criteria (described below) and they are NOT the official scores from the judges nor they have any influence on the pageant. This is just for fun!

-No contestant placed in all five out of the five fast-track events.
-2 contestants placed in four out of the five fast-track events: Puerto Rico and Sweden.
-13 contestants placed in three out of the five fast-track events: Argentina, Barbados, Bolivia, England, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Paraguay, Philippines, South Africa, Ukraine, United States Virgin Islands, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.
-22 contestants placed in two out of the five fast-track events.
-73 contestants placed in at least one fast-track event out of the five.
-11 contestants placed in the Top 20 of both Beach Beauty and Top Model: Bolivia, England, Kazakhstan, Korea, Italy, Martinique, Philippines, Sweden, Venezuela, Ukraine and Zimbabwe.
-5 contestants placed in Beach Beauty, Top Model and Beauty with a Purpose: Argentina, England, Philippines, Sweden and Zimbabwe.
-10 contestants only placed in the Beauty with a Purpose Fast Track.

40 points: Fourth Placers
50 points: Bronze Medalists
60 points: Silver Medalists
70 points: Gold Medalists

60 points: Top 20
70 points: Top 10

40 points: Top 36
60 points: Top 20

60 points: Top 20

40 points: Top 30
70 points: Top 10

80 points will be awarded to the second runner-up, 90 points to the first runner-up and 100 points to the winner in all categories when they are revealed.

The Times of Beauty Est. 2008