Friday, September 9, 2011

Miss Universe 2011: Presentation Show Review

 Closer to the finish line...
The preliminary competition for Miss Universe 2011 was held yesterday at the Credicard Hall.  In a rather unimpressive stage, the delegates competed in swimsuits and evening gowns with a new music score as part of the format changes that the Miss Universe Organization is doing to their pageants. The 89 contestants presented themselves to the audience and then the evening gown competition started. In our opinion, the standouts on the evening gown competition were: China, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Greece, France, Philippines, Angola, Netherlands, United States, Aruba, Peru, Ukraine, Paraguay, Venezuela and Colombia.
The contestants then changed to their swimsuit and the competition began. The standouts of this segment were China, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Venezuela, Kosovo, France, Spain, United States, Greece, Philippines, Australia, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Chile and Netherlands.
There is a select group of contestants that did really well during the competition but we feel that a large group gave good performances which were pretty even and that give a high degree of unpredictability.
Overall we think the five best performances during the preliminaries were China, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Greece and France. They are followed by Philippines, Spain, United States, Venezuela, Kosovo, Netherlands, Australia, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Angola, Paraguay, Aruba, Chile, Mexico and Peru. Don’t count out Nicaragua, Colombia, Portugal, Israel and Bolivia. 
We will soon publish our final list of favorites for Miss Universe 2011.
In the meantime you can check out hundreds of photos from their introductions here, the swimsuit competition here and from the evening gown competition here.

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