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2011 Meet the Misses v.8 - Miss Perú World 2011

The majestic Peru is located in western South America. It is the cradle of the Inca civilization which was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America. This civilization left numerous landmarks that are considered historical and cultural sanctuaries. The Andes Mountains runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean and divide the country into three regions: the coast, the mountains and the jungle. Despite being located near the Equator, Peru does not have exclusively tropical climates, the influence from the Andes cause great diversity within the country. Peru is a multiethnic country formed by different groups over centuries influenced by Amerindians, European, Africans and Asians. Its culture is primarily rooted in Amerindian and Spanish traditions. Some of the artistic traditions date back to the Pre-Inca cultures. The Incas maintained these traditions but made architectural achievements including the construction of Machu Picchu, a landmark of Peru and the icon of the Inca world. Peru debuted in Miss World 1959 and produced two winners: Madeline Hartog-Bel in 1967 and María Julia Mantilla García in 2004. This year, Peru will be represented by Odilia Pamela García Pineda, Miss Perú World 2011.

The Times of Beauty proudly presents Odilia Pamela García Pineda, Miss Perú World 2011, in an exclusive interview for our interview series, Meet the Misses.

1. Give us an introduction of yourself.
I am a very optimistic person with a great self-improvement desire, I always put a lot of enthusiasm in everything I do and I try to do everything in my power to achieve my goals in life.

2. Tell us a bit more about your country and hometown.
My land, Peru, is ancient and magic, its people are struggling, honest, warm, hardworking, willing to accommodate visitors and make you feel at home. Despite being an emerging country and have suffered several tragedies, people are rich in spirit and strive to maintain up to Peru.

Peru offers the world countless alternatives and the possibility of living a unique experience because of its history, culture, nature and architecture.

We are fortunate to host many endangered species in our diverse natural reserves distributed throughout regions of Peru. We also have various types of weather, specifically 84 of the 104 life zones that exist on the planet, because our country has the Pacific coast (called Costa in Spanish), the Andes mountains (Sierra) and the tropical forests of the Amazon (Selva).

Peruvian cuisine is considered one of the most varied and original in the world. It also has the worldwide Guinness record for the greatest variety and diversity of dishes. Thanks to the pre-Columbian heritage (pre-Inca and Inca), Peruvian cuisine brings together a variety of blends, along with Creole cuisine, giving a four continents gastronomy in one country and constantly evolving.

I am proud that Machu Picchu is one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, but not the only archaeological site in Peru. All over our territory is covered with wonderful archaeological sites, including Caral (3,200 BC), which we run into them in the Costa, Sierra and the Selva and everybody is amazed at the greatness of our ancestors. I am also proud that my country counts with such an important archaeological heritage, because it makes me always keep in mind where I come from, what are my roots and the greatness of our culture must always be present wherever we go.

3. What does it mean to you to represent your country at the 61st Miss World finals?
To me it means a very important responsibility because I take pride in representing Peru in the 61st final of Miss World. I am completely excited, not only because it is my desired dream that I want since I was a little girl, but also because I will work hard with professionalism, attitude, effort and constant improvement to fulfill it and not to disappoint the expectations of those who are supporting me and trusted in me to award me as Miss Peru World 2011. I am sure it will have a multiplier effect that will give me the opportunity to be the ambassador of my country, Peru, to publicize its wonders, its archaeological remains, its tasty food, dances, customs and especially represent its beloved people.

4. If you have to choose a song to describe yourself, which would you choose and why?
I would choose the background music of the film "Gone With the Wind”, although I disagree with many values and actions of Scarlett O'Hara, it describes the courage, determination and willpower that she had to succeed in adversity.

5. How would you describe a typical day in your life?
I wake up with a lot of optimism, aware that at every moment I am building what I want to do with myself; I live life to the fullest and I do my best to achieve the goals I have set in my life.

6. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
I see myself as a fulfilled woman, who has struggled to discover its full potential, who has sought to develop to its fullness, who has lived life to the fullest, respecting the rights of others, being supportive and tolerant of others.

7. Which well known person from your country you most admire and why?
I admire Mario Vargas Llosa not only for the pen that has led him to receive the Nobel Prize for literature recently, but because he has the virtue of tolerance and for being one of the most influential person as a defender of human rights.

8. If you had to choose any other country to live in, which one would you choose and why?
I would choose Spain, not only because in the past Peru and Spain were one country, they share the same history, they have the same language and similar customs, but because I have been studying there. I have great memories and experiences in that country, with cosmopolitan and friendly people.

9. After the Sendai Earthquake, nuclear energy has become a focus of attention. Are you in favor or against the use of this kind of energy as a way to reduce the dependence on oil?
I know the important benefits of nuclear energy and its replacement is difficult, however, I am also aware of the dangers of its use. In view of the catastrophe of Japan, it has made me reflect on the need to struggle for research and more investment of the governments in renewable energies such as hydroelectricity, solar, wind, geothermal or marine. I am in favor of the increasing usage of this type of energy and that its application replaces oil and nuclear energy gradually.

10. What do you think is the worst kind of human injustice or prejudice happening now?
The worst kind of human injustice that currently exists is the racial discrimination and against women.

11. What are your duties as Miss Perú World?
In addition to continue working in social work for a better Peru, my duties are to be a good ambassador for my country and fight for the title of Miss World with professionalism, attitude, optimism, self-improvement, constant effort and enhancing inner and outer beauty. The Miss World pageant has to serve to raise awareness of the natural Peruvian beauty, its loving people and their food and customs.

12. What role can social media (ex. Facebook, Twitter, etc) play in the life of a beauty pageant titleholder?
Social networks can serve to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience with vast numbers of people from around the globe, creating currents of opinion. But especially they will let Miss World spread, with minimum effort, any campaign for tolerance and solidarity with the world.

13. What does it mean to be a human being?
Being a human means having rights and duties as life, freedom of expression, education, work, raise a family, not to be discriminated on sex grounds, nationality, religion or race. But it also comprises having the ability to think before acting, feel, love, live and make sense of what we are, discovering our full potential and develop them to realize ourselves as human beings.

14. What do you feel is your purpose in life?
Find happiness, develop myself as individual finding all my strengths and developing them to the fullest, always respecting the rights of others, to finally be able to contribute with my bit in the history of mankind.

15. Share a message to your supporters and readers of The Times of Beauty.
I would tell them they have to continue fighting for their dreams, live life positively and intensely to find happiness, performing as a person, discovering their potential and then develop them, always respecting the rights of others.

and finally...
Personal Motto: Go ahead, visualizing your goals with positive mind, self-confident, living to the full and always respecting the rights of the others.
Personal Goal: Achieve Miss World 2011 crown and be a better person every day.
Personal Dream Destination: A Nordic country to see Aurora Borealis.
Favorite Food: Peruvian food, especially “Ají de gallina” and for dessert “Pye de limón”.
Favorite Color: Yellow and blue.
Favorite Song: “Your Song” by Ewan McGregor.
Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge.
Favorite Book: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
Favorite Singer/Band: Thalía
Favorite Actor/Actress: Jim Carrey and Nicole Kidman.
Favorite Hobby: My favorite hobbies are reading and spend the day with my family
Favorite Sport: Basketball.


Ernesto "Tito" Paz, National Director of Miss World in Peru
Odilia Pamela García Pineda
, Miss Perú World 2011

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