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2011 Meet the Misses v.3 - Miss World Costa Rica 2011

 Costa Rica is renowned as a place of great biodiversity with nearly 50% of its national territory covered with forests and jungles. 25% of the country's land area is protected national parks and protected areas. The country has successfully diminished deforestation to almost zero. It is the country with the highest biodiversity of the planet. Costa Rica is one of the oldest democracies of the planet and received worldwide recognition after abolishing its army in 1949. The country is very mountainous with elevations varying from 900 to 1800 meters above sea level. Most of the population lives at Valle Central or Central Valley which is surrounded by mountain chains. Costa Rica throughout history have proven to be a nation that deeply cares and protects their national resources. This country of natural wonders debuted at the world's greatest beauty contest back in 1965 and three representatives made the semifinals. The last semifinalist was in 1986. This year, Costa Rica will be represented by the beautiful and open minded Paola Mayela Chaverri Víquez who won the Miss World Costa Rica 2011 title.

The Times of Beauty proudly presents Paola Mayela Chaverri Víquez, Miss World Costa Rica 2011, in an exclusive interview for our interview series, Meet the Misses.

1. Give us an introduction of yourself.
I consider myself a hard worker, who comes from a modest family. I am responsible, honest and fight for what I want. I think of myself as a very positive person.

2. Tell us a bit more about your country and hometown.
Costa Rica is located in Central America. It is bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the east and south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and south and the Caribbean Sea to the east. Costa Rica, which means Rich Coast, abolished its army permanently in the late 1940s. The official language is Spanish. Costa Rica is the world's greenest country with extensive natural resources and unspoiled forested areas. Costa Rica has seven provinces: San José, Cártago, Alajuela, Heredia, Guanacaste, Limón y Puntarenas. I live in the province of Heredia, specifically in San Joaquín de Flores, which is town of friendly and hardworking people.

3. What does it mean to you to represent your country at the 61st Miss World finals?
It is a big responsibility, because I will be the official representative and face of my beautiful country. I must be well prepared to give a great performance in the competition. For me, competing in Miss World is a dream. That dream will come true soon, but it brings challenges that I must overcome in a good way to make my country proud.

4. If you have to choose a song to describe yourself, which would choose and why?
I am your faithful friend (“Yo soy tu amigo fiel”) from Toy Story. Besides describing me, it is a song that bring back memories because it is the song that describes my best friend and I. I feel the song defines me because I consider myself a trustworthy, loyal, and a great friend to those in need. I think all people should be faithful to their friends, partners and loved ones, because trust is the foundation of a good relationship

5. How would you describe a typical day in your life?
I get up early in the morning and help with the household chores. Then, I go to the gym and during the afternoon and evening I attend college. I study every day.

6. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
I see myself as a person who reached her career goals and is working in a good position at a great company. I see myself married with children through adoption. Adopting children is something that I am very interested in doing in the future.

7. Which well known person from your country you most admire and why?
I admire Franklin Chang-Diaz who is an astronaut and physicist, born in Costa Rica. He retired in 2005. Since 2004, he is an U.S. citizen. He was born in San Jose back in 1950. He is the first Latin American astronaut working in NASA, the third non-US native to travel into space, and one of the men with more missions and hours in space in history. He is one of the astronauts holding a record for number of trips into space aboard the Space Shuttle. He participated on seven missions with NASA between 1986 and 2002.
I admire him because he is an example that every effort brings a reward. Coming from a poor family was not an obstacle to pursue his dream. He achieved it with perseverance. He is a great example to many people and shows us that with hard work we can achieve our dreams.

8. If you had to choose any other country to live in, which one would you choose and why?
I consider myself an open minded woman. I love to know more about different cultures because each one is amazing. If I had to choose a country to live in it would be Mexico because it is renowned and their culture is similar to ours. Mexico is a great example because it maintains its unique identity. Mexicans defend their country and are very patriotic and I feel that is very good. I like the many tourist attractions they have. Despite my passion for knowing about different cultures and to travel, I love where I live.

9. After the Sendai Earthquake, nuclear energy has become a focus of attention. Are you in favor or against the use of this kind of energy as a way to reduce the dependence on oil?
Is a complicated issue, but we must accept that nuclear power as compared to coal, does not pollute and does not release greenhouse gases. It is a good way to avoid pollution and meet the great energy demands of large cities. It is also important to mention the risks from nuclear plant because the consequences of an accident would be catastrophic for the environment and the people. In case of a serious accident "the cure is worse than the disease" as it is said.  I would be in favor of nuclear plants if they are managed and designed responsibly because if they are not treated responsibly they can become serious risks capable of destroying lives.

10. What do you think is the worst kind of human injustice or prejudice happening now?
There are so many that it is hard to decide which is worse. For me, the worst is discrimination and the consequences it generates. An example is the Holocaust where thousands of people died, including children, because they were looked as an inferior race by the Nazi regime. For me it is very important to respect others and most importantly, respect life. The discrimination is something that is rampant every day in the world. Many people do not get a job because they are of a different ethnic group. Children are bullied at school for being different. Women who are beaten because of gender discrimination. Youth rejected by their families because they are gay. Those are examples of discrimination that are unacceptable and unfair.

11. What are your duties as Miss World Costa Rica?
The main duty of any Miss including Miss World Costa Rica is to be an example to follow. An important duty in my case is doing social work that helps to develop another dimension of beauty, inner beauty.

12. What role can social media (ex. Facebook, Twitter, etc) play in the life of a beauty pageant titleholder?
In my case I have only use Facebook. Even if social networks can pose risks, they are a great tool for people to support you in the projects that the titleholder wishes to undertake. They should be treated very carefully because even if people can use it to support you in your projects, other can use them to deliberately create a bad image of you. In summary, social networks are good if you know how to use them wisely.

13. What does it mean to be a human being?
It means that we are not perfect, we make mistakes, recognize those mistake and learn from them. Being human means learning new things every day.

14. What do you feel is your purpose in life?
It is difficult to know clearly what is the purpose of each in life. But in my case, if I can help someone who needs help and I contribute to make that person happier, I will know I am accomplishing my purpose.

15. Share a message to your supporters and readers of The Times of Beauty.
My message is summarized in two quotes by Facundo Cabral. They are in Spanish because I did not find an accurate translation.
“Haz sólo lo que amas y serás feliz, y el que hace lo que ama, está benditamente condenado al éxito, que llegará cuando deba llegar, porque lo que debe ser será, y llegará naturalmente”
“Pobre no es el hombre cuyos sueños no se han realizado, sino aquel que no sueña”

and finally...
Personal Motto: The one who perseveres, reaches – “El que persevera, alcanza”
Personal Goal: To continue my studies in the area of administration, and perhaps one day have my own company.
Personal Dream Destination: My dream is to travel and see different parts of the world and experience different cultures. My main desire is to go to Africa.
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Favorite Song: Firework by Katy Perry
Favorite Movie: The Notebook
Favorite Book: Juventud en Éxtasis, El Guardián.
Favorite Singer/Band: U2, Alejandro Fernandez
Favorite Actor/Actress: Elizabeth Taylor, Liv Tyler
Favorite Hobby: Dance
Favorite Sport: Tennis

Allan Alemán, National Director of Miss World in Costa Rica
Paola Mayela Chaverri Víquez
, Miss World Costa Rica 2011
Edgar Chinchilla
, official photographer for Reinas de Costa Rica
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