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2011 Meet the Misses v.14 - Miss World Malta 2011

Malta, located in Southern Europe, is a nation consisting of an archipelago situated in the Mediterranean couple of miles offshore the island of Sicily. The nation is one of the most densely populated on the planet and has always been of strategic importance with many powers ruling the islands in the past. Malta became a republic in 1974. The archipelago is internationally renowned as a tourist resort, with numerous recreational areas and historical monuments, including nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, most prominently the Megalithic Temples which are some of the oldest free-standing structures in the world. Malta has been inhabited since 5000 years before the common era. The Sicani tribe was responsible of the construction of the legendary Ġgantija, the oldest religious structure in the world. The temple has a distinctive and complex architecture. The landscapes of Malta consists of low hills with terraced fields. The coastline is indented by numerous bays that provides numerous harbors. The climate is Mediterranean with mild winters and hot summers. Valetta is the capital of Malta which contains buildings from the 16th century. The city is Baroque in character with Mannerist elements in some parts of it. It is considered an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Malta debuted in Miss World 1965 and reached the semifinals once in 1969. Miss World Malta 2011, Claire Marie Busuttil will represent Malta in Miss World 2011.

The Times of Beauty proudly presents Claire Marie Busuttil, Miss World Malta 2011, in an exclusive interview for our interview series, Meet the Misses.

1. Give us an introduction of yourself.
I consider myself to be very adventurous. I always like to learn and experience new things and I am not afraid of challenges. I always try to be positive and look at the bright side of things. I love children and animals a lot, because they are so innocent and pure. They fill my life with happiness. I consider myself to be a special and unique individual, who is capable to love and respect, not only myself but also all the people and all living creatures that surrounds me.

2. Tell us a bit more about your country and hometown.
I live in the southern part of Malta called Zabbar. Zabbar as a name comes from a word in Maltese, which means someone who cuts down trees. It also comes from the word “sabbara” which means a name of a plant that used to grow in Zabbar in order to make perfume. Zabbar was given the privilege of becoming a city, a gift given to the Zabbar people by their beloved grandmaster Ferdinand von Hompesch. Our blessed church in Zabbar is one of the biggest in Malta, and is in the form of a latin cross. The inside is filled with many beautiful and detailed architecture. In Zabbar we have a Museum, called Sanctuary Museum. The ground floor of the museum is dedicated to the Christian origins of Zabbar and its history. Also one can find items related to folklore, remnants of the World War II remains of an Royal Air Force Avro Vulcan, which exploded over Zabbar, and some of them are still being studied by school students. Our President, Dr. George Abela claimed that Zabbar is such a rich city, with a very strong community. 
My beautiful country of Malta is a very special, unique and exclusive country to live in. Although it is relatively small, it's many wonders keeps attracting many tourists every year from different parts of the World. Because Malta is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, it provides a resting place for migratory birds which comes from various European countries, and settle for a few months in Malta before completing their journey to Africa. Malta has a wonderful climate and fascinating history. In fact we have the oldest manmade religious stone structure in the world, called Ġgantija, which is situated in Gozo (a small island situated on the northern Maltese Islands). Being an island, Malta has a very attractive rocky shoreline with beautiful promenades. We have evocative architecture throughout the whole island and very charming shops and restaurants. Maltese in general are very warm, helpful and welcoming. We have two major cities, Mdina which is the former city, also known as the Silent City, and the new current city, Valletta. Valetta, apart from having remains of the great siege from 1565, offers stylish shopping on the cosmopolitan Republic Street. Some other beautiful places include the Blue Grotto in Zurrieq. This is a natural sea cave, which is usually compared to the Grotto Azzuzza, on Italy's Isle of Capri. The Grotto sparkles with blue reflections from the sea and with orange, purple and green reflections from the minerals that are present on the rocks. Apart from Gozo (Castilian word for Joy), we have another very small island called Comino, and it is known for the beautiful tranquility of the crystal clear Blue Lagoon, an unspoiled natural paradise. Our national poet is Dun Karm Psaila, which also wrote the lyrics for our National Anthem. Our flag is red and white with the George Cross which is situated on the upper inside corner. This cross was given to the Maltese people by King George VI from the heart that the Maltese showed by providing help during the time of World War II. The proud ancient island of Malta, has won the hearts of world travelers for centuries who always fall in love for its many charms.

3. What does it mean to you to represent your country at the 61st Miss World finals?
I feel very honored and special that I am given this opportunity. It means a lot the support of my people. I also value a lot the love and support of my family and friends. It is very precious to me to feel that I can make a change by being a role model for society, especially for the younger generation. I want to make them proud and to motivate them to never give up in life and to always believe in themselves and to work hard for what they want in life. That is the real value of life.

4. If you have to choose a song to describe yourself, which would you choose and why?
Walking on Sunshine, because it is such a positive happy song, and as an individual I always like to think very positive. Also this song is about receiving love, which is the most powerful and beautiful thing you can receive. I know that I have love surrounding me from all around, from my family, my friends and of course from all the Maltese citizens.

5. How would you describe a typical day in your life?
Although like everybody else I have a basic routine, I always try to make my routine in different ways (ex. Instead of going by car to work, I go by bus). That is one useful way to learn, explore and experience new things, and meet different people. I also like to do some sports, like martial arts or doing different crafts, like toilet paper dolls. I love to live everyday to the fullest, and to not have any regrets afterwards. For me that is what life is all about.

6. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
I cannot say with exactitude, because I believe that in life one can choose from many decisions but in the end everybody has their own destiny. I don’t know what why my destiny holds for me, but I know that until then, I would have accomplished many things, matured, learned much more, become a much more stronger and independent woman, have my own family, have a secure sustainable job with a universal degree, and hopefully been able to visit many beautiful and interesting countries all around the world.

7. Which well known person from your country you most admire and why?
Joseph Calleja who lives in Attard, Malta . He is a well renowned tenor who started singing at the age of 16, and is now one of the tenors most sought after by leading opera houses on both sides of the Atlantic. His voice is compared to legendary voices like Jussi Bjorling and Beniamina Gigli. He received a standing ovation after his singing debuts at the Metropolitan Opera and at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. He also appeared in Hampton Court and festivals in the United Kingdom. He took on 28 concerts in almost every major European city and even had a debut in the United States. For myself and for the Maltese citizens, we are very proud to have such a talented successful and remarkable man, who has accomplished such great achievements at the age of 33.

8. If you had to choose any other country to live in, which one would you choose and why?
Very coincidentally, I would choose England. First of all for the simple reason that English in Malta is our special language, so it would be very easy for me to live and communicate there. Also, I visited England many times already, so for me, it is like my special home. I also like the fact that it offers many courses and scholarships, if I would ever need to continue on my studies. England, especially in London has many musicals, which apart from being entertaining, it is also a chance for me to study and audition for a musical, as I happen to love the performing arts. Also I love the traditional taxis, telephone boxes and the uniforms of the Queen’s officers.

9. After the Sendai Earthquake, nuclear energy has become a focus of attention. Are you in favor or against the use of this kind of energy as a way to reduce the dependence on oil?
I am definitely against the use of nuclear energy. With all the earthquakes and tsunamis which are recently occurring all over the world; nuclear bombs will surely follow. This causes radiation which contaminate the water and soil, and even the air we breathe on. Because of this, plants and food from the water and the soil will also be contaminated, and this will cause changes in the structure of cells, resulting in cancer. The genetics of nature will change and much more children with disabilities will be born. We should make use of safer alternative ways to supply energy like solar and wind energy. These are natural and also safer for the environment.

10. What do you think is the worst kind of human injustice or prejudice happening now?
I think genocide is the ultimate expression of hatred and violence against people. Countries from all over the world are still using deliberate systematic measures (such as killing, mental and physical injuries, prevention of births, and forcible transfer of children) to bring the destruction of a racial, political or cultural group, or to destroy the language, religion or culture of a group. We have to lessen the discrimination upon different races, sexes, religion, political parties, and cultures, and focus more on equality, love and respect amongst all human beings.

11. What are your duties as Miss World Malta?
First of all to bring an honor and pride to the Maltese nation. Also, to bring attention and awareness on certain things, especially those of which that are tourism related, because that is from where the country gets its main revenue. In addition, to be a role model and a good example for the society and to be motivational speaker especially for the young generation, because those are the people who are going to form the Malta of tomorrow.

12. What role can social media (ex. Facebook, Twitter, etc) play in the life of a beauty pageant titleholder?
Social media, especially to a beauty pageant titleholder, can offer great experience. It is also a way of making new friends and meeting people which can benefit you (ex. I my case modelling producers ). Of course it’s an easy access for people to know me better and to be connected with people who share the same things and thus respecting more my personality and character.

13. What does it mean to be a human being?
To be human is the privilege of being an unique individual. Therefore one has the opportunity to change, grow and learn. Also every human being has the chance to choose from various options throughout life in order to be the best human being possible.

14. What do you feel is your purpose in life?
To always choose the right decisions and to do and experience things which ultimately makes me a proud, successful and independent woman.

15. Share a message to your supporters and readers of The Times of Beauty.
Everybody can be a winner in every way possible, if you work hard, never give up, and get help from people who knows better but most of all is all about when you believe in yourself. Always listen to what your heart tells you.

and finally...
Personal Motto: Never give up and believe in yourself
Personal Goal: To be the best human being in every way possible.
Personal Dream Destination: Disney World in Florida
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Color: All colors, every color signifies something, depending on my mood and circumstance.
Favorite Song: I See the Light, from Disney’s Tangled
Favorite Book: The Harry Potter series.
Favorite Singer: Celine Dion
Favorite Hobby: Performing arts
Favorite Sport: Martial Arts.


Sue Rossi
, National Director of Miss World in Malta
Claire Marie Busuttil
, Miss World Malta 2011

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