Tuesday, August 9, 2011

News from Martinique Queens and Kings

We will soon know who will be the grand winners of Martinique Queens and Kings 2011. The audience will plunge into the universe of Pirates of the Caribbean during the big finale on August 12. The fast track events recently took place. Meet the winners:

Beach Beauty
Martinique Queens: Sandrine Blaire
Martinique Kings: Axel Cage

Top Model
Martinique Queens: Axelle Perrier
Martinique Kings: Guillaume Decatrelle

Martinique Queens: Coralie Leplus
Martinique Kings: David Fortune

Martinique Queens: Stephanie Virayie

Martinique Kings: Axel Cage

Martinique Queens and Kings 2011 will take place at the Hotel Bakoua in Trois-Ilets. The winners will be crowned Miss Monde Martinique 2011 and Mister Monde Martinique 2011. Miss Monde Martinique will represent her Caribbean island in Miss World 2011 in London, England on November 6.

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