Sunday, August 14, 2011

Miss Universe 2011: In the Spotlight v.1

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Miss Universe 2011 season in right around the corner. 89 beauties from around the world will gather in the city of Sao Paulo to compete at the 60th edition of Miss Universe. The Times of Beauty will feature a special coverage of the international pageant. As part of the coverage The Times of Beauty will release a list of favorites or as we call it: In the Spotlight.

This is version #1 (v.1) of In the Spotlight - Miss Universe 2011
1. United States, 2. China, 3. Australia, 4. Kosovo, 5. Angola, 6. Malaysia, 7. Costa Rica, 8. Ukraine, 9. Spain, 10. Greece, 11. Panama, 12. Trinidad and Tobago, 13. Venezuela, 14. Puerto Rico, 15. Netherlands, 16. Paraguay, 17. Switzerland, 18. Mexico, 19. Albania, 20. Peru
Close: Argentina, Chile, Czech Republic, Hungary, Mauritius

Stay tuned for v.2!

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