Thursday, August 11, 2011

Experts’ Choice for Miss Mundo Brasil 2011

Miss Mundo Brasil 2011 will be held next Saturday at the Hotel do Frade in Angra dos Reis. The contestants are participating in several fast tracks events, rehearsals and other activities. The Times of Beauty invited 12 judges from around the world to evaluate the 34 contestants for the pageant and score each one of them between 1 and 10. The individual scores were averaged and ranked to determine the Experts’ Choice for Miss Mundo Brasil 2011.
The 15 contestants with the highest average scores are:
1.    Vanessa Koetz, Ilha da Pintada (9.30)
2.    Juceila Bueno, Rio Grande do Sul (8.75)
3.    Priscila Winnie, Pará (8.67)
4.    Stephanie Figueiredo, Rio de Janeiro (8.54)
5.    Juliane Késsia, Minas Gerais and Mariane Silvestre, Sergipe (tie, 8.38)
7.    Kessia Cortez, Rio Grande do Norte (8.22)
8.    Mariana Bathke, Santa Catarina (8.05)
9.    Ana Cecília Cunha, São Paulo (8.04)
10.    Evellyn Barbosa de Almeida, Goiás (7.99)
11.    Sophia Scarlett, Ilhas de Florianópolis (7.98)
12.    Adrielly Barron, Paraná (7.95)
13.    Luzielle Vanconcelos, Pernambuco (7.82)
14.    Thaiany Bittencourt, Mato Grosso do Sul (7.80)
15.    Mayra Albuquerque, Fernando de Noronha (7.62)
The judges are:
1.    Alan Alemán, Costa Rica
National Director of Miss World in Costa Rica, Director of Reinas de Costa Rica (

2.    Dawid Baraniak, Poland
Director of Globmiss (

3.    Rose Foulger, New Zealand
Miss World New Zealand Pageant Director

4.    Ricardo Güiraldes, Chile
Director of Chilean Charm (

5.    Matthew Hamilton, South Africa
Director of South African Beauties (

6.    Donald Nguyen, Vietnam
Director of Mundial Beauties (

7.    Ernesto Paz, Peru
National Director of Miss World in Peru

8.    Julio Rodríguez Matute, Venezuela
Director of Belleza Venezolana (

9.    Andre Sleigh, South Africa/Taiwan
Director of Eye for Beauty (

10.    Edwin Toledo, Puerto Rico/United States
Director of The Times of Beauty (

11.    José Carlos Toré, Spain
Press Chief of Miss Las Palmas/Miss Tenerife (

12.    Jean-Marie Vandercasteele, Belgium
Pageant Director and Coordinator

13.    Donald West, Canada
Director of Pageantopolis (

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Congratulations to Miss Ilha da Pintada, Vanessa Koetz, the Experts’ Choice for Miss Mundo Brasil 2011!

The Times of Beauty thanks to all our judges for their valuable time and for collaborating in making this contest possible. To all the contestants and organizers of Miss Mundo Brasil 2011, we wish you the very best.

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