Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stephanie Yates, Miss Barbados World 2001, launches Miss Humanity International

Miss Humanity International was founded by Stephanie Yates, Miss Barbados World 2001, Miss World Best Talent winner 2001, former Miss World franchise Holder 2004-2010 whose passion for greater HIV and AIDS awareness and human rights advocacy led her to conceptualize an event using pageantry to educate as the medium, which can bring about change.

Miss Humanity International is an innovative pageant with headquarters in Bridgetown, Barbados. Its sole objective is to promote and raise awareness about humanitarian causes worldwide. The inaugural pageant will have 50 delegates from around the world between the ages 18-27 that have a strong passion for community & humanitarian service.

Selected Delegates must have advocated against child labor, HIV/AIDS Discrimination, domestic abuse, genocide, sexual exploitation, human trafficking, hunger, lack of access to pure drinking water, discrimination, or poverty in their respective countries. All national representatives are expected to engage in social activities with businesses and governments to benefit all of humankind through charitable causes.

Barbados has had its share of pageants that send delegates abroad to compete internationally, which always make the people proud. However; there was no pageant dedicated to showcase the beauty, culture or investment opportunities that Barbados has to offer while highlighting causes that affect people the world over.

The culture of any group of people remains one of their most valuable commodities. Barbados extends a warm welcome to delegates from around the world who carry the torch for humanitarian causes internationally. By strengthening democracy, working for peace, protecting human rights, combating corruption, the rights of Indigenous Peoples and Promoting sustainable development we can all make the world a better place. It is the aim of the Government of Barbados to make it the destination of choice when visiting the Caribbean.

MISS HUMANITY INTERNATIONAL is a chance to be proactive, rather than reactive to Barbados's tourism potentials on the global level; translating beyond that, into a ground breaking opportunity for direct foreign investment.
During this event five female humanitarians from continents around the world will be honored for outstanding humanitarian service.

The honorees will be officially announced on AUGUST 19TH 2011 WORLD HUMANITARIAN DAY.

It is estimated that over 500 people will be flying to Barbados for this event including international directors, media personnel, friends, family members and honorees.

The Miss Humanity International pageant is by far, the most extensive pageantry effort in promoting the host nation’s tourism industry. Hosting it in Barbados enables the country to reveal to the world its many beautiful facets, from the bustling cities, the idyllic towns to the sun-kissed beaches. With the country’s unique melting pot of cultures, memories of Barbados would linger the longest in the delegates’ minds.

The contest also serves as a platform to educate and promote tourism and cultural exchange among the participating beauty queens, the Miss Humanity International pageant is the proverbial vehicle; capturing the essence of the host country and its way of life through the eyes of these beauties.

The Times of Beauty wishes the best to Stephanie Yates and SFC International in this new project. May it serve as a platform to young women striving to make a difference in our humanity.

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