Tuesday, July 12, 2011

News from Greece

Due to the current situation in Greece caused by the excessive public debt of the nation, the Star Hellas-Miss Hellas-Miss Young pageant has been postponed for next September. Star Greece 2011 will go to Miss Universe 2012 and Miss Greece 2011 will go to Miss World 2011. There is the possibility that the national pageant will be celebrated outside of Greece since it is unknown if Antenna TV will broadcast and sponsor the event.
The organizers revealed on June 23 to Star Magazine that applications were accepted to select the representative from Greece to Miss Universe 2011. They also announced that they will make a private casting with 10 to 15 contestants in order to make their final selection. The announcement of their selection should take place before July ends.

The Times of Beauty received an email directly from VP and Associates, the Greek organizers, in where they informed us that Miss Universe Greece 2011 will be selected on July 21. The national pageant will take place at the end of September.

Special thanks to VP and Associates!

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