Sunday, May 1, 2011

Miss Universe Great Britain 2011

  Miss Universe Great Britain 2011
 Chloe-Beth Morgan (25, 1.71m, Cwmbran) was crowned Miss Universe Great Britain 2011 at the Hall 4 of the International Convention Centre in Birmingham. She will represent the island of Great Britain in Miss Universe 2011 in Sao Paulo, Brazil next September. Natasha Crook and Summer Ghanavati finished second and third, respectively. Sarah Finlay, Alize Mounter, Kirsty Nichol completed the Top 6. Chloe was Miss Wales in Miss World 2008 and represented the United Kingdom in Miss International 2009 finishing as second runner-up.
 Natasha Crook won Best in Swimwear, Shanna Bukhari won the SMS voting and the Not in Vain award, Siobhan Brindley-Browne won Miss Congeniality and Rosie Colicci won Miss Charity.

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