Thursday, April 28, 2011

News from Lesotho

Face of Lesotho is a registered non-profit making multi-platform lifestyle organization with a mission of becoming the largest lifestyle corporate in the country and vision of improving events management and coordination. The organization is the new prime time multi-discipline afro-politan lifestyle community with a main focus on creating new look for the Lesotho style, promoting local talents, informing and entertaining the citizens. The organization operates mainly in publications, entertainments, promotions, modeling, social networks and fashion.

The vision of Face Of Lesotho is to represent the country (Lesotho) in the international lifestyle events and instill more confidence in Lesotho designer’s ability to compete in the global marketplace. Local hairdressers, models and fashion designers will be given opportunity to showcase their talent by hairstyles, modeling and clothing.

 In all events, Face of Lesotho is committed to:
-Participate in the campaign against Human Trafficking, Violence, Racism and Xenophobia.
-Educate young people on life skills
-Promote local talents
-Support government, communities and corporate entities
-Have an aggressive presence in different activities in the country.
-Improve corporate social investments
-Human trafficking, promote knowledge and awareness
-Empower under-developed communities and facilitate sustainable human development through community services and charity programs
-Support government in tourism
-Most of all, showcase Lesotho’s beauty to the world

In 2011, team has been tasked and licensed by the office of the District Administrator, Maseru to host the first ever Face of Lesotho 2011. The event, which is mainly focused on crowning three Basotho ladies between the ages of 18 and 24 to participate on behalf of Lesotho in three international pageants which include Miss World 2011, will be held on on May 28 in Maseru.

Special thanks to Tlali Tlali, national director of Miss World in Lesotho!

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