Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where will it be?

The Miss World Organization is making a plea to Tobago to host the 61st Miss World finals after the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago said to the national press that staging the pageant in the twin island nation is not a priority.

Apparently China, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and the Philippines are bidding to host. It is strange that all news reports indicate that Malaysia is bidding for 2012 and the Philippines for 2013, not for 2011. Kazakhstan? First time we hear this. China? They are the usual suspect.

We think Miss World 2011 will be in Tobago but in some days we will know for sure, but in the meantime...

"Will the Island of Tobago be able to hold off the bids from its much bigger rivals in South East Asia, including China, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Philippines. That answer will soon be revealed!
If they do so, Tobago will, make history in becoming the first country of the Caribbean or Latin America, to win the bid to stage the Miss World Festival"

...Is there a kind soul out there that could explain me since when Tobago is in Latin America? 

Please e-mail me. Please.

On a more serious note... It is time to bring back Miss World to the Americas!

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