Friday, February 18, 2011

News from Costa Rica

 Miss World Costa Rica 2011 will be crowned on February 20 at the Taller del Artista in Tres Rios. The winner will be the representative of Costa Rica at the 61st Miss World pageant next December. Meet the 11 beautiful contestants vying for the crown.

Top Row (from left to right)
1. Mariela Aparicio, 24, 1.75m, Perez Zeledon
2. Crissia Sanchez, 20, 1.68m, Alajuela

Bottom Row (from left to right)
3. Talia Umaña, 18, 1.74m, Heredia
4. Maria Fernanda Arias, 19, 1.74m, Alajuela
5. Angelica Reyez, 17, 1.70m, Perez Zeledon

Top Row (from left to right)
6. Andrea Castro, 18, 1.75m, Naranjo
7. Gisela Espinoza, 19, 1.72m, Santa Cruz
8. Natasha Sibaja, 19, 1.65m, Perez Zeledon

Bottom Row (from left to right)
9. Elena Correa, 20, 1.75m, Heredia
10. Paola Chaverri, 19, 1.80m, Heredia
11. Paola Espinoza, 18, 1.68m, Liberia

Special thanks to Allan Aleman, national director of Miss World in Costa Rica!

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