Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Happy New Year to each of the visitors and followers of The Times of Beauty. Two years already have passed since this space opened for you, time certainly passes quickly. 2010 was a special for each one of the fans of the Miss World pageant. The pageant turned 60. 60 years of memories, history and special moments. The 60th edition of Miss World, celebrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Ordos and Sanya, featured a record number of contestants and saw the return of many nations. The organization provided amazing pre-pageant activities but the final show was lackluster and disappointing, and this is a worrying trend since 2003. We believe it is time for a change.

There will be some new additions to The Times of Beauty including monthly editorials of national preliminaries for Miss World and Miss Universe which will include first impressions of each representative. Our objective had always been to keep you informed bringing you news first as they come, and we promise to continue to do so throughout 2011.

We would like to thank all national directors and representatives that contributed in our successful special Meet the Misses of Miss World 2010 which featured 35 interviews, which is a great record for our first year. And to all the followers and visitors of The Times of Beauty, a big thank you for your support.

What happened in after Miss World 2010? Mexico and Venezuela selected their Miss World representatives, both very stunning but Mexico is going strong again to Miss World with Cynthia de la Vega. Only if Venezuela and Mexico would stop considering Miss World a secondary pageant, maybe they would have already their 6th and 1st Miss World crowns, respectively. They are still with that way of thinking in 2011 since both representatives are the second placers of their national pageants. Three African nations selected their representatives before November started: Ghana, Malawi and Mauritius. All three are winners of their national pageants. The most interesting of the three is Mauritius. This island nation had slowly been improving the quality of the contestants they’ve been selecting in the last couple of years. Laetitia Darche is a renowned model in her home country and we have high expectations of her. Malawi is sending a quite stunning lady with Faith Chibale.

In December, France, South Africa, Angola, Liberia and Aruba selected their representatives. Miss France 2010 is Laury Thilleman, it remains a mystery whether she or the first runner-up will go to Miss World. Either way, we don't expect much from France in 2011 after sending two quite spectacular contestants in 2009 and 2010. Stunning Gillian Berry was elected as Miss Aruba and will be the first official Miss Aruba to compete in Miss World. We expect a great performance from her in Miss World. South Africa chose a pageant veteran with Bokang Montjane who competed previously in two minor beauty pageants in Asia, eye on her. Angola pretends to send the first runner-up, Edmilza dos Santos, to Miss World. Miss World regulations forbid first runners-up to attend Miss World unless a valid reason in provided. If and only if the winner of Miss Angola, Leila Lopes, attends Miss World, she will definitely be a front runner.

Quite some unexpected news we broke in December when we revealed there was a new national director of Miss World in the Philippines with Cory Quirino.  Probably it was time to remove the franchise from an organization that certainly did not care for Miss World as much as compared to Miss Universe. We hope that Philippines will shine at Miss World under the hands of Cory Quirino. We wish her the best of luck! There are many changes in directorships taking place, some of them quite shocking. We will reveal the information as soon as we can.

Early 2011 will be a high season for Miss Universe that will be celebrated next September in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We hope to not see the girls again selling lemonade in their bikinis nor parading in swimsuits in front of drunk rude people. That was probably two of the very worst pageant scenes ever witnessed. Most of the national Miss World preliminaries will be in the second half of the year. 

That's it for now and please stay tuned for more information and breaking news here at The Times of Beauty!

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