Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TimesOfBeauty.com Miss World 2010 Favorites, List #6

 It is time for our sixth list and we have a new leader. This time St. Lucia is first in our list of favorites for Miss World 2010. This Caribbean girl have charmed everyone with her beauty. The last time the Caribbean won a Miss World title was in 1993, she could get the crown back to the region after 17 years. Norway and South Africa are gaining ground. Rounding up our Top 6 favorites are Thailand, Russia and Scotland. Venezuela is catching everyone's attention and she is now ninth in our list. Overall the list remained pretty stable with some ups and downs. There is no clear frontrunner in this edition of the pageant, but without a doubt the Miss World 2010 cohort is filled with great beauties. The upcoming fast track events will give us a clear idea of how is the competition.

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