Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's Top Model time...

The Miss World Top Model 2010 just started at the Crowne Plaza in Sanya. The winner will be fast tracked to the semifinals of Miss World. We will post here the live announcements from the Miss World Organization.

Miss World Top Model 2010: Norway
1st runner-up: Russia
2nd runner-up: United States
World's Designer Award: French Polynesia

9:45pm (Sanya Time): The Top 20 is Belgium, Botswana, People's Republic of China, Argentina, French Polynesia, India, Ethiopia, Ghana, Norway, St. Lucia, South Africa, Slovakia, Sweden, Venezuela, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Zimbabwe, United States and Spain

9:21pm (Sanya Time): The girls are parading with dresses specially designed for each of them.

9:19pm (Sanya Time): The contestants are parading with the song Blue Monday from New Order.

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