Saturday, October 30, 2010

Miss World 2010

Miss World 2010: United States, Alexandria Mills
1st Runner-Up: Botswana
2nd Runner-Up: Venezuela
Top 5 Finalists: Ireland, People's Republic of China
Top 7 Finalists: Italy, Norway
Semifinalists: Northern Ireland, Puerto Rico, Kenya, Paraguay, St. Lucia, Netherlands, Canada, France, Bahamas, Colombia, Russia, Thailand, South Africa, Mongolia, French Polynesia, Scotland, Namibia, Germany.

Continental Queens of Beauty 
Africa: Botswana
Asia and Oceania: People's Republic of China
Americas: United States
Caribbean: St. Lucia
Europe: Ireland
-Miss World Beach Beauty: 1. Puerto Rico, 2. United States, 3. Norway
-Miss World Sportswoman: 1. Northern Ireland, 2. Slovakia, 3. Norway
-Miss World Top Model: 1. Norway, 2. Russia, 3. United States
-Miss World Talent: 1. Ireland, 2. Wales, 3. Guadeloupe
-Beauty with a Purpose: 1. Kenya, 2. Ghana, 3. El Salvador

The Times of Beauty Est. 2008