Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Miss World 2010 Schedule

October 1 Contestants arrivals
October 2 Fittings
October 3 Talent auditions, rehearsals, orientations.
October 4 Visit to Badachu
October 5 Visit to the Great Wall of China and the Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium

October 6 Contestants depart to Ordos, Visit to Qin Zhi Dao and Welcome Dinner.
October 7 Visit ancient pathway of Genghis Khan to his mausoleum, Presentation of history of Mongolia and performance by Mongolian Herdsmen

October 8 Contestants depart to Shanghai, Arrival at Novotel Atlantis, Welcome dinner hosted by Shanghai Expo Administration, Night river trip on Huangpo River Boat
October 9 Expo Visit: Red Cross and China Pavilion, Cocktail Reception at Shanghai International Conference Center, Welcome Dinner hosted by Shanghai
October 10 Visit to the Yu Garden, Shanghai cultural performances and local crafts shopping

October 10 Contestants depart to Sanya
October 11 Arrival at Crowne Plaza Sanya, Cycling Race and Miss World Parade, Welcome dinner hosted by Crowne Plaza Sanya.
October 12 Rehearsals, Sanya Government Welcome Dinner at the Pullman Hotel
October 13-15 Rehersals and Filming
October 16 Miss World Beach Beauty Final, Dinner at The Mandarin Oriental
October 17 Rehearsals
October 18 Miss World Sportswoman Final, Rehearsals
October 19 Rehearsals
October 20 Rehearsals, Miss World Fun Golf Match
October 21 Rehearsals and China Fashion Show
October 22 Rehearsals, Miss World Top Model Final at the China Fashion Show 
October 24 Miss World Talent Final
October 25 Rehearsals
October 26 Miss World Family Party 
October 27 World Beach Volleyball Opening, Miss World Fun Beach Volleyball Match, Rehearsals
October 28-29 Rehearsals
October 30 The 60th MISS WORLD Finals, Coronation Ball
October 31 Departures

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