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Miss World 2010: Meet Miss Germany

From the Alps all the way to the shore of the North and Baltic Seas, Germany is located in Central Europe and is the 7th largest country of the continent. The central portion of the nation are forested uplands and the northern portion is relatively flat. Three of Europe's main rivers traverse the nation, the Rhine, the Danube and and the Elbe. It shares borders with other nine nations, more than any other in the continent. Germany's economy is characterized by a highly qualified work force, a developed infrastructure, a low level of corruption, and a high level of innovation. The nation is recognized worldwide as a scientific and technological leader in several fields. In Miss World, Germany had a very successful history in the pageant since its debut in 1952 up to 1980, producing 7 runners-up, 8 semifinalists and 2 winners. One of the winners was the highly controversial Gabriella Brum who resigned 18 hours after winning the title. This year, Susanna Marie Kobylinski will try to become Germany's first semifinalist since 1980. She won the Miss World Germany 2010 title on September under a new and highly promising organization presided by Carsten Mohr. proudly presents Miss World Germany 2010 in an exclusive interview for our series Meet the Misses.

1.    Give us an introduction of yourself.
My name is Susanna Kobylinski and I am a 22 year old medical student from Bremen. I love to travel, to see new places, meet new people and learn about other cultures.

2.    Tell us a bit more about your country and hometown.

Germany is a great place to grow up and to live. Besides our famous soccer teams, traditional food and beautiful old cities you can enjoy the countryside, like the seas and the mountains. Germany has something to offer for anyone. Bremen is a place I love to return to - no matter where in the world I am.

3.    What does it mean to you to represent your country at Miss World?
It means a lot, because it gives me the opportunity to tell the world a little about Germany they might not know yet, and of course in return I am very thankful to learn so much more about other cultures.

4.    What preparations have you done so far or will you do for the Miss World final?
Preparations … to be honest I will just do my best to represent my country the best way I can. Of course, I informed myself more intense about all the beautiful places we will visit in China.

5.    If you have to describe yourself in one word, what would it be and why?
Aufrichtig,  meaning genuine. I am a very honest and straight up person. It is how I wish people I meet to treat me, so I do my best to give the same in return.

6.    Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I see myself as a doctor, joining doctors without borders, to see the world and give a little back to people who did not have as much luck in their lives as I have.

7.    Would you prefer being beautiful and rich or poor and smart?
I think I would prefer to be smart or smart enough to appreciate what I have, no matter if I would be poor or not the beauty in person.

8.    Which well known person from your country you most admire and why?
One German person that interests me the most is Wolfgang Borchert. The German author and playwriter wrote literary pieces about post-war Germany. My favorite play is "The Man outside", telling about people coming home to Germany. I am touched by the honesty and truth of his words. It inspires me how you should always speak your mind and see life as it really is, not looking through "pink glasses", as his main character states in the play.

9.    If you had to choose any other country to live in, which one would you choose and why?
I think any country with a little more sunshine. I love sunshine. It’s the energy I need to keep a smile in my face.

10.    What do you think is the biggest problem facing the world today and what should be done about it?
I think a big problem is that children don’t have the same chances to grow up, not even talking about third world countries. It is a problem that already starts at home.

11.    Do you believe a beauty queen should be politically correct when answering a controversial subject question or should she express her personal views on the issue?
I think she should be diplomatic and know when to express her own opinion and when it’s best to support her country.

12.    What do you most look forward to about the Miss World Festival?
I look forward to see China, I have seen many places in my life but this will be an extraordinary experience. Also the World Expo 2010 will be a great experience.

13.    The winner of Miss World will be the 60th Miss World. Which former winner do you most admire and why?

Nigerian Agbani Darego became Miss World in 2001.  The first black winner from Africa wrote history as Barack Obama as the first African American President in the U.S.

14.    The motto of Miss World is Beauty with a Purpose. What does Beauty with a Purpose mean to you?
For the world - to see that beauty begins inside a person and that it is like an ocean, clear deep and able to move mountains. For me - it means that we have the opportunity to raise a voice and help others.

15.    Share a message to your supporters and readers of The Times of Beauty.
I hope that our supporters and readers know just like our families do, that there is much more in every one of us that one can see at first glance…

and finally…
Star Sign:  Scorpio
Personal Motto: Live every day as it is your last
Favorite Food:  Steak, prawns and vanilla ice cream
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Song: Wonderful life from Hurts
Favorite Movie: The Pianist
Favorite Book: The Kite Runner from  Khaled Hosseini
Favorite Singer/Band:  Miles Davis and Three Doors Down
Favorite Actor/Actress: Adam Brody

Special Thanks:
Carsten Mohr, national director of Miss World in Germany
Susanna Marie Kobylinski, Miss World Germany 2010

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