Saturday, October 30, 2010

Miss World 2010: Final Telecast Time in your Country

Sanya, People's Republic of China: 8:00PM
New York, United States: 8:00AM
London, United Kingdom: 1:00PM
Tokyo, Japan: 9:00PM
Paris, France: 2:00PM
Hong Kong: 8:00PM
Chicago, United States: 7:00AM
Los Angeles, United States: 5:00AM
Singapore: 8:00PM
Sydney, Australia: 11:00PM
Seoul, Korea: 9:00PM
Brussels, Belgium: 2:00PM
Toronto, Canada: 8:00AM
Beijing, People's Republic of China: 8:00PM
Berlin, Germany: 2:00PM
Madrid, Spain: 2:00PM
Buenos Aires, Argentina: 9:00AM
Stockholm, Sweden: 2:00PM
Moscow, Russia: 4:00PM
Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 4:00PM
Rome, Italy: 2:00PM
Mexico City, Mexico: 7:00AM
Johannesburg, South Africa: 2:00PM
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 10:00AM
New Delhi, India: 5:30PM
Bangkok, Thailand: 7:00PM
Reykjavik, Iceland: Noon
Auckland, New Zealand: 1:00AM (Sunday)
Honolulu, Hawaii: 2:00AM
San Juan, Puerto Rico: 8:00AM
Helsinki, Finland: 3:00PM
Oslo, Norway: 2:00PM
Manila, Philippines: 8:00PM
Hanoi, Vietnam: 7:00PM

Adjust your time according to the nearest country that applies.

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