Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Beach Beauty time...

The Miss World Beach Beauty 2010 just started at the Mandarin Oriental in Sanya. The winner will be fast tracked to the semifinals of Miss World. We will post here the live announcements from the Miss World Organization.


1:55pm (Sanya Time): The girls are parading in their red swimsuits exclusively designed for the Beach Beauty Final!

2:00pm (Sanya Time): The 7th Miss World Beach Beauty final officially starts!

Comment: The first Beach Beauty final was staged in Sanya back in 2003. It was an innovation from the Miss World Organization that proved to be very popular. The winner of the first edition was Rosanna Davison from Ireland who later won the Miss World 2003 crown.

 2:01pm (Sanya Time): The contestants are presented one by one in front of the panel of judges.

Comment: The only Miss World titleholder that did not qualify to the Beach Beauty finals was María Julia Mantilla García in 2004.

2:06pm (Sanya Time): All the contestants were presented to the panel of judges at the Mandarin Oriental.

2:18pm (Sanya Time): The judges are deliberating and will decide which contestants are going to the next stage of the competition. Who will be the lucky 20? We will soon find out...

Comment: Four of the forty contestants are from the Americas, eight from the Caribbean, ten from Asia and Oceania, and fourteen are from Europe.

2:27pm (Sanya Time): The Top 20 are... Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Botswana, People's Republic of China, French Polynesia, France, India, Ghana, Israel, Hungary, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Martinique, Norway, Scotland, Thailand, Zimbabwe, United States.

Comment: Shocking eliminations of Russia, St. Lucia and Ukraine! Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Bolivia, Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Guadeloupe, Hong Kong, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Mongolia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, and Turkey were also eliminated.

4th Runner-up: French Polynesia
3rd Runner-up: People's Republic of China
2nd Runner-up: Norway
1st Runner-up: United States
Miss World Beach Beauty 2010: PUERTO RICO

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