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Miss World 2010: Meet Miss Canada

 Canada has become a place of true liberty and great diversity. The cold weather is not an excuse to stop welcoming with great warmth people from different origins, many of whom had made this magnificent country their home. Canada's representatives to the world's greatest beauty contest had exemplified that. In 2003, Nazanin Afshim-Jam, one of the three Miss World 1st runners-up from Canada, was of Iranian origin and last years finalist Lena Ma was of Chinese origin. This year, the true north strong and free will be represented by Denise Garrido who won the Miss World Canada 2010 pageant back in May. proudly presents Miss World Canada 2010 in an exclusive interview for our series Meet the Misses.

1.       An introduction...
Denise is a graduate of Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario.  She graduated, Cum Laude, in Biomedical Sciences, with a focus in Biochemistry.  In her fourth year, she applied her theoretical knowledge to laboratory research, where she completed a thesis on breast cancer at the Northeastern Ontario Regional Cancer Center in Sudbury.  In addition to formal education, Denise’s other learning interests include the piano (level 8 Royal Conservatory), acting, and TaeKwon-Do (2nd degree black belt).

Denise has also been greatly involved in charity, as an ongoing participant of the Terry Fox Run, or participating in "Airbandz for Cancer" at Laurentian University to name a few.  In addition, Denise shares her knowledge through volunteering as a math tutor to high school students, and having tutored Physics and Calculus to first year university students.  She feels that through giving and sharing to others, she becomes a more wholesome human being.

2.       Tell us a bit more about your country and hometown.
Within the province of Ontario, thousands of acres of fertile soil for agriculture production is where my hometown lies.  Bradford West Gwillimbury lies on the Holland Marsh, and is known as the heart of Canada’s Vegetable Industry.  With a population of about 25 000, and traditionally, a predominant Portuguese and Italian community, Bradford is a depiction of the beautiful cultural diversity found throughout Canada—a country that embraces people from all over the world.

3.       What does it mean to you to represent your country at Miss World?
As most people with the opportunity to represent their country would agree, it is an honour to be representing Canada at Miss World.  I have a sense of responsibility to display to the rest of the world, the love and open-mindedness that Canadians share.  To represent Canada at the prestigious Miss World event is so exciting and grande in my mind, that at times I can be speechless reflecting on how fortunate I am for this gift and opportunity.

4.      What preparations have you done so far for the Miss World final?
My preparations thus far have been planning of my talent and volunteer/charity work as Miss World Canada. I am also in a constant state of learning: learning of my host country and learning even more of Miss World. Lastly, I am mentally preparing myself through the power of visualization.

5.       If you have to describe yourself in one word, what would it be and why?
Ambitious.  I am driven to be the best I can be.  I want to attempt every dream, to live life without regret, which is why I am always on a quest for growth and adventure.  Those that know me personally understand this aspect of me, and remain supportive in all my ventures.

6.      Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
My life is in constant evolution.  Opportunities and the realization of many dreams are occurring, and what I also do know, is that in ten years, I will be living out even greater opportunities that will help me realize even more of my dreams.

7.       Would you prefer being beautiful and rich or poor and smart?
I believe both options can exist harmoniously.  All beings have been created beautifully, and intelligence is enhanced by time through lessons and experience.  A smart person is also a rich person, as wealth is not only financial, but wealth is knowledge, health, spirituality, and love, and all are needed for a person to be in balance and happiness.  Therefore, my preference is a harmonious balance of all options.

8.      Which well known person from your country you most admire and why?
A well-known person(s) from my country that I admire is Nellie McClung and the rest of the “Famous Five” who fought for women’s rights in Canada.  They also brought out “The Persons Case” that led to a victory and milestone in Canada, in which women were recognized as “persons” under the law.  I believe in equality, and these brave women fought legally and politically to bring us closer to it.

9.      If you had to choose any other country to live in, which one would you choose and why?
Because of many of my relatives living in Portugal, I would say Portugal.  It is a country that I have visited often throughout my life, so I am comfortable with the life, culture, and people.  Of course, seeing my beloved family makes my association to Portugal as a second home.

10.   What do you think is the biggest problem facing the world today and what should be done about it?
Something that I would consider a problem facing the world is short-term vision or action.  It is often easy to act on the basis of receiving immediate results or satisfaction than acting for long-term results. This is the reason we are facing environmental dangers, are suffering financially when economic crisis strikes, or homes are destroyed from lack of proper preventative structuring to save on present costs.  If we take action with a long-term vision of its effects, it would alleviate problems that may arise later.  Fortunately, the world has been taking action on several global issues, such as the environment, to improve life for tomorrow. However, it is important to continue with this mindset, and to constantly strive for improvement in the actions of today.

11.   Do you believe a beauty queen should be politically correct when answering a controversial subject question or should she express her personal views on the issue?

A person’s viewpoint and values are a result of his/her personal experiences and upbringing.  Because of this, there will always be people whose opinions and values differ from our own.  If a controversial question were to arise, it is important to be sensitive to all sides of the issue, and this is not only important in pageants, but in life as a whole.  By being open-minded to all viewpoints, and sensitive to others, we can minimize speaking hurtfully, and rather, speaking more wholesomely.

12.   What do you most look forward to about the Miss World Festival?

The opportunity to travel and to experience the host country’s beauty and culture to its fullest.  Also, meeting great women from all over the world, in which we can share knowledge and stories about ourselves and our countries, and ultimately developing life-long bonds with those that I meet.

13.   The winner of Miss World will be the 60th Miss World. Which former winner do you most admire and why?
Miss World has a history of amazing women that have held its title. With most recent Kaiane Aldorino who was the first woman from Gibraltar to win the honorable title, to Zi Lin Zhang (2007) with a record for charitable funds raised, Miss World has an extensive list of titleholders that have done great during and after their reign.  Now for myself, one titleholder than I still often see and hear of as she continues in her successes is Aishwarya Rai.  She continues to grow professionally as a leading actress in India, has been brand ambassador for campaigns such as Pulse Polio, and remains an influential figure in India. 

14.   The motto of Miss World is Beauty with a Purpose. What does Beauty with a Purpose mean to you?
For me, Beauty With A Purpose describes a person who uses his/her interior and exterior beauty for great causes.  We are blessed with beauty that draws people to us, and by drawing in attention, it can be harnessed to do great things in the world.  As human beings, we have a purpose to give back to the world, and a Beauty With A Purpose does just that, but on a level that uses her status to create even greater good.

15.    Share a message to your supporters and readers of World of Misses.

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read my online interview.  I also want to share that my objective is to be the best that I can be, so that I can be a positive and memorable reflection of
Canada.  Whatever fate has planned for the outcome of this competition, I will be grateful for.  Finally, it is the journey, with the fundamental love and support given by friends, family, and readers that I feel so blessed with, so I thank you all.  Sending much love from Canada!

and finally…

Star Sign:  Sagittarius

Personal Motto: The world is one’s oyster

Favorite Food: Broccoli

Favorite Color:
All colours

Favorite Song: Feel by Robbie Williams

Favorite Movie: Any James Bond film

Favorite Book: Harmonic Wealth by James Arthur Ray

Favorite Singer/Band: Robbie Williams

Favorite Actor/Actress: Catherine Zeta Jones

Special Thanks:
Denise Garrido, Miss World Canada 2010
Katherine Grefner,  2010 national director of Miss World in Canada

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