Thursday, July 8, 2010

Changes in France?

First runner-up of Miss France 2010 in Miss World?
Lyon Magazine reports that the first runner-up of Miss France 2010, Virginie Dechenaud, will represent France in the 60th Miss World pageant. 23 year-old Virginie stands 1.74m and comes from La Frette.

Left: Malika Ménard (Miss France 2010), Right: Virginie Dechenaud (First Runner-Up)
Miss World only accepts the winner of a national contest and if a selection is made for another international contest in the same contest, a joint selection (i.e. co-winners) is required. 
If the winner, or co-winner, is unavailable because of reasons with sufficient grounds for justification, then the first runner-up is allowed to compete.

Left: Sophie Vouzelaud (First Runner-Up), Right: Rachel Legrain-Trapani (Miss France 2007)
  Let's remember that in 2007, Société Miss France and Endemol had the intention of sending the first runner-up, Sophie Vouzelaud, to Miss World instead of Rachel Legrain-Trapani, Miss France 2007. The Miss World Organization refused to accept the entry stating that they only accept the official winner of the country.

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