Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The 2010 hosting issue...

 The 2010 hosting issue
On July 9, 2008, Miss World Ltd signed a memorandum of understanding with the Rare Antibody Antigen Supply Group (RAAS) to host the 60th Miss World pageant in the city of Nha Trang, in the province of Khanh Hoa in Vietnam. RAAS was the main sponsor of the event and paid around $10 million to host the pageant. The event received the approval from the government. Everything was set and going as planned.

RAAS planned to build a tourist site of over 1,500 hectares for Miss World 2010 which was received by criticism from environmentalists who claimed the Diamond Bay Resort, which hosted another international pageant, provided enough space and hotel accommodations. So RAAS asked the plan to be repealed but they remained committed to host the pageant in Nha Trang. Miss World Ltd agreed with the change.

On October 2009, the city of Mỹ Tho started to advertise the celebration of Miss World 2010 in the Tien Giang province.  RAAS confirmed the change of host city from Nha Trang to Mỹ Tho claiming that they would need to rent facilities in Nha Trang which would greatly increase their expenditures after the original tourist site plan was repealed. RAAS bought a portion of land in the Thoi Son Islet in the city of Mỹ Tho to build an ecological tourism project to serve as host for the pageant. The group was waiting approval from the government in Vietnam to officially move the pageant to the Tien Giang province. That never materialized.

The location change brought a dispute between both locations which caused RAAS to withdraw as the main sponsor of the pageant on January 28, 2010 blaming the move on a lack of cooperation. Therefore, the city of Nha Trang was left without the main sponsor of the pageant and needed to find a new one. Timing was not on their side. The feat was not possible and Nha Trang had no choice than to withdraw from hosting the world's greatest beauty pageant.

At the end, the location change dispute between the cities of Nha Trang and Mỹ Tho in Vietnam is what caused the withdrawal of RAAS as the main sponsor of the pageant. It was not because of "disinterest", "lack of support", "Vietnam is against Miss World and Julia Morley", "Miss World is dying" and countless other rickety excuses that fall into great examples of baseless speculations.
RAAS Group decided to stay as a sponsor of the 60th Miss World if the pageant was held in Shanghai or Sanya in the People's Republic of China as we reported months ago. After negotiations, Sanya was officially announced as the host of the 60th Miss World pageant sponsored by the group and Chinese authorities.

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