Friday, June 11, 2010

Miss Cameroun 2010


Marie Barbara Matagnigni (19, 1.78m, Yaounde) was crowned Miss Cameroun Lux 2010 at the Yaounde Conference Centre last April. The first runner-up is Fariya Oummoul and the second runner-up is Esther Atcham.

COMICA (Comité d'Organisation Miss Cameroun) recently sent Agnes Anina Awana, second runner-up of Miss Cameroun 2008, to South Africa to represent the nation at the FIFA World Cup. 

In a recent interview the director of the pageant, Ingrid Solange Amougou, said that Miss Cameroun Lux 2010 will go to Miss World. This means that Marie Barbara Matagnigni will represent Cameroon at the 60th Miss World pageant marking the debut of this African nation in the international pageant.

Coutesy of Cameroon Tribune and!

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