Friday, April 2, 2010

News from New Zealand

Global Beauties correspondent in New Zealand, Nick C, bring details and predictions of Miss World New Zealand 2010 that will be held on April 3 at the Sky City Convention Centre.

Just came from dress rehearsal. It is a done deal. Cody Yerkovich will be crowned Miss World New Zealand tomorrow, unless something extra ordinary happens. She is tall, striking, and she has an aura which I have seen last in Unnur Birna. She will put New Zealand back into the map. In addition, she has a very pleasant personality. It turns out that she travelled 6 hours every week (and back) from her hometown up north to Auckland for the rehearsals. She is a perfect ten. She is of Croatian, German and Maori descent- a very interesting mix of genes.

Miss New Zealand Tourism Queen will most probably be Ina Ivanova. She is not very tall- only 5'7' , but she is very polished and eloquent. She has a trim body, a cute face, she knows how to walk, she knows how to talk, she knows how to smile. She is really a decent girl- a volunteer for Unicef, a university student with good grades.

Miss New Zealand International will most likely be Emma McDonald. She reminds me of a prettier version of the current Miss USA, Kristen Dalton. Her interview skills are extraordinary. She has a beatiful face, an amazing figure- and she is the most polished of all contestants. Her only downfall is her height- she is only 5'6' tall. So, especially in the evening gown section, she gets lost on stage.

Others that can make a surprise include Olena Poltavchenco, who is a very sweet girl with a beautiful face without the best swimsuit figure and Dominique Wisniewski a swimsuit model with a great figure. But those two have lower chances compared to the former three.

Special Thanks to Nick C and Global Beauties' Patrick Tripoldi!

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