Thursday, April 22, 2010

Miss World 2010 in Shanghai?

Hoang Kieu, the director of RAAS Group, was in Shanghai with Julia Morley and Kaiane Aldorino attending the Incentive Travel and Conventions Meeting from April 7 to 9.
Hoang Kieu is the sponsor of Miss World 2010, he already paid an amount to the organization. After Vietnam's withdrawal because of the dispute of whether the pageant should be in Mỹ Tho or Nha Trang, Kieu said that we will continue to sponsor Miss World if it is held in China, either Sanya or Shanghai.
Are there negotiations underway to bring Miss World 2010 to Shanghai, China?
Curiously, Miss International 2010 moved from Shanghai to Chengdu.
Lets see what happens... Sanya or Shanghai? Or an unexpected place?

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