Tuesday, March 9, 2010

News from Costa Rica

The 8 contestants competing for the title of Miss World Costa Rica 2010 were presented to the national press. They will compete for the crown on March 18 at the Beacon Escazu Hotel in San Jose. The winner will represent Costa Rica in Miss World 2010.

The contestants are:
1. Dayana Aguilera, 19, 1.75m, Palmares
2. Alejandra Alvarez, 24, 1.68m, Curridabat
3. Fernanda Arias, 19, 1.74m, Alajuela
4. Carolina Chavez, 18, 1.70m, Naranjo
5. Cindy Gonzalez, 20, 1.68m, Aserri
6. Victoria Guillen, 17, 1.68m, Heredia
7. Stephanie Masis, 21, 1.68m, Desamparados
8. Krysia Ortiz, 24, 1.74m, Santo Domingo

Special Thanks to Allan Aleman, National Director of Miss World in Costa Rica!

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