Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Miss Slovenije 2009

Tina Petelin; 23, 1.79m, from Maribor; is the new Miss Slovenije 2009 and will represent Slovenia in Miss World 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The new national director is Osredecki Damir who took over the franchise from Zdravko Gerzina that organized the pageant since 1992. Petelin was chosen in a small pageant held in Radenci. The first runner-up is Tara Zupancic and the second runner-up is Sarah Gasljevic.

Tina Petelin; 23, 1.79m, proveniente de Maribor; es la nueva Miss Slovenije 2009 y representará a Eslovenia en Miss World 2009 en Johannesburgo, Sudáfrica. El nuevo director nacional es Osredecki Damir quien obtuvo la franquicia de Zdravko Gerzina que la tenía desde el 1992. Petelin fue seleccionada en un certamen celebrado en Radenci. La primera finalista es Tara Zupancic y la segunda finalista e Sarah Gasljevic.

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